Long Term Exchange

Wanted… Youth Ambassadors between the ages of 15 and 18 who have a sincere desire to:

  • Form international friendships
  • Further international understanding and goodwill
  • Learn new ways to communicate
  • Immerse oneself in a different culture, while sharing your own
  • Expand your personal self confidence and maturity
  • Have the adventure of a lifetime!

Every year between 7,000 and 8,000 young people will have the opportunity of a lifetime — a chance to live in another country and see the world from an entirely new perspective through Rotary Youth Exchange.

As a Rotary Youth Exchange student, you will spend a year living with host families and attending high school in a country other than your own. You will learn a new way of living, maybe even a new language, and a great deal about yourself.  As you are learning, you will also be teaching the people you meet about your country, your culture, and your ideas.  You will be a youth ambassador, helping to bring the world closer together and developing great friendships in the process.

If you are ready for the challenge and the rewards of living in another land as an exchange student, then you are ready to discover new worlds through Rotary Youth Exchange.

What will your exchange mean to you?

The experience gained from being an exchange student is different for each person.  How you will learn from your experience is up to you!

Valeria’s presentation provides us with her view of what this meant to her:
What Being an Exhange Student Means to Me

How our Long Term Exchange works: As a Rotary Long Term Exchange student, you will spend one year living in another country, usually with three or four host families. You will become part of those families and their community. These Rotary accredited families are volunteers who will welcome and care for you, supervise your year and introduce you to their culture and lifestyle. In your host country you may learn another language, experience different foods, study different subjects, enjoy a new culture and enjoy a new way of living. In addition you will learn a great deal about yourself and gain confidence and self sufficiency. You will attend school in your local community, as well as participate in Rotary activities and civic functions. At the same time you will make new friends, see exciting places and experience adventures that will take a lifetime to recount.

Where might you go? Click Here to see a list of countries in the exchange program.

For more information and how to apply: We welcome inquiries at any time of the year. Please send us an email so we can put you in touch with a Rotary Club in your area.  Clubs begin the formal process of interviewing and selecting students in September (for departure in August of the following year). Download our Preliminary Application Form

For additional helpful information to prepare you for your exchange Click Here

The 5360 YEX Program Manual provides detailed information about the Rotary Youth Exchange program and outlines the roles and responsibilities of each of the “stakeholders” who work with Inbound or Outbound students.  It can be used as a reference or read cover to cover as desired!  District 5360 YEX Program Manual